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STAY OUT - Coming Soon!

Reentry is tough. Two-thirds of released prisoners will be arrested again within three years. Helping ex-prisoners remain out of prison is one of the toughest challenges we face. However, we have discovered that re-connecting women with their children, faith and family support structures is the most important way to accomplish this.

Our STAY OUT program (Stability & Truth Are Yours) is essentially a family restoration program and consists of both one-on-one mentoring and family group workshops designed to improve communications, build trust and heal broken relationships. Our goal is to help family members become reconciled to God and to one another through the power of the Gospel and supported by transformative relationships with

local churches.  Our experience has been that healing and restoration are able to flourish most among a strong body of believers that are committed to showing God's love. 





Prepared Place Ministries' amazing volunteers and supporters are making this possible each and every day. Will you join us as we help prisoners find a new life path, care for families with incarcerated loved ones, and give former prisoners a second chance?

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