CHILL OUT Praise Dance Ministry

Instructed by Elder Natasha Glasgow, Owner.More Than Just Praise Dance Company

More Than Just Dance Praise Dance School

418 W. Chew Ave. Philadelphia, Pa 19120

Telephone: 267-428-6283


Elder Natasha ministers to our Kin Mates inside of prison and outside. Check out her website or call for more information about her classes on the outside. 

After completing 12 weeks on biblical instruction, our Kin Mates work together as a team to develop a graduation program that demonstrates what they have learned, the talents that they already possessed or developed as a declaration to their family and friends that they are making positive steps toward changing their lives for the better. This often includes DANCE. The graduates practice with professional instructors who choreograph their performances. Currently we are seeking donations for praise dance attire for them to use during their graduations.


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