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Resources for Children


  • Sesame Street Little Children BIG Challenges SET - Incarceration -- 2013 ENGLISH AND SPANISH
    The incarceration of a loved one can be very overwhelming for both children and caregivers. It can bring about big changes and transitions. In simple everyday ways, you can comfort your child and guide her through these tough moments. With your love and support she can get through anything that comes her way. Here are some tools to help you with the changes your child is going through.


  • Mama Loves Me from Away 
    “Mama Loves Me from Away” is about a young girl who shares a special connection with her incarcerated mother through storytelling.





  • The Invisible String 
    “The Invisible String” is a very simple approach to overcoming the fear of loneliness or separation with an imaginative flair that young children can easily identify with and remember.


  • Visiting Day 
    “Visiting Day” is about a little girl and her grandmother who take a long bus ride to visit her father who is in prison.


  • When a Parent Goes to Jail 
    “When a Parent Goes to Jail” is a resource to help children of incarcerated parents cope with the traumas they face - physical, emotional, and social stigmas and feelings of guilt, anger, fear and shame - and guide them in making wiser life choices.


Resources for Family & Friends


  • ARRESTED - What to Do When Your Loved One’s in Jail 
    Arrested is the only guide to supporting family members facing criminal charges. It explains how to make decisions that are in the best interests of the entire family—not just the defendant—and provides checklists of what things to do, and in what order. Form letters called “jail mail” are included to help readers quickly send important information to inmates.


  • Family Arrested: How to Survive the Incarceration of a Loved One 
    The author's life was devastated when her husband was arrested for a federal tax crime and given a fifteen-year sentence. During the six years he served, she learned about the prison system, which she tells about in this book. Edenfield reads the painful events of those years in a factual way, distancing herself from the emotional pain of being left to raise four young children on little income. This stoicism requires listeners to engage their imaginations to envision what her life must have been like.


  • Get Outta My Face! 
    Get Outta My Face! is written for Christian parents, teachers, and youth workers to help them reach angry, unmotivated and disinterested teens with biblical counsel.


  • HELP! My Loved One is in Prison 
    Practical steps to take if your friend or loved one is currently or formerly incarcerated. Oftentimes the person searching for help feels just as lost as the person inside the walls. This manual addresses that experience. This book is for anyone who is affected by the imprisonment, past or present, of a loved one and wants to do something to help.


  • Learning to Sing in a Strange Land 
    The author describes the experience of incarceration both from the family’s perspective and that of the inmate. His story of his daughter’s incarceration is deeply personal but also very informative and inspirational.


  • Sentenced, Now What? 
    This booklet is designed to help individuals and families with the second phase of the incarceration journey - sentencing and what follows.

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