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Released Kin Mates ministering to Incarcerated Kin Mates

This branch of the ministry operates every 5th Sunday. It is KinMates ministering to KinMates. Our released KinMates come back to Riverside Correctional Facility where they were incarcerated and minister by facilitating a church service. During this service, CHILL OUT graduates are the preachers, singers, dancers, ushers, etc.

Every 5th Sunday our graduated KinMates minister life, health and hope to their sisters that are still in the place that they once were.  Their presence and personal testimonies say to their sisters, if I can do it, so can you.  The main message to Kin Mates from their sisters is to stay focused while incarcerated on the one who can bring release not only in the natural but in spirit and mind. GOD!

Services last for 2 hours and we are always looking for ministries to join with our KinMates to offer music, dance, singing etc.  If you or your church is interested in ministering WITH our KinMates on 5th Sundays, please use the Contact Form and let us know how you would like to minister.





Prepared Place Ministries' amazing volunteers and supporters are making this possible each and every day. Will you join us as we help prisoners find a new life path, care for families with incarcerated loved ones, and give former prisoners a second chance?

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