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C.H.I.L.L. O.U.T.

Character, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Leadership Operating Under Transition

CHILL OUT Inmate Re-Establishment Program is a service of PPM that makes it possible for women to regain lost hope, rebuild their families, and participate fully in civic life. It is a faith-based mentorship program for female offenders during and after their incarceration that is rooted in teaching the principals of the acronym CHILL OUT... Character, Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, and Leadership ‒ Operating Under Transition.

CHILL OUT consists of a series of pre- and post-release empowerment workshops that provide the foundation necessary for successful re-establishment in the community.

We start with teaching values and character traits that women may not have acquired in childhood, exposing them to new ways to view themselves and the world

CHILL OUT Prison Inmate Re-Establishment Program Video

Do you want to know exactly how many inmates are in the prisons on State Road in Philadelphia?

Click here for the most recent Philadelphia Inmate Census-





Prepared Place Ministries' amazing volunteers and supporters are making this possible each and every day. Will you join us as we help prisoners find a new life path, care for families with incarcerated loved ones, and give former prisoners a second chance?


This word is not recognized in Webster’s Dictionary but is a nick name we use in the CHILL OUT Program to describe our program participants. It is derived from the word Kin, whose definition is as follows:

Kin/kɪn/  (Noun):

1. A person's relatives collectively; kinfolk.

2. Family relationship or kinship.

3. A group of persons descended from a common ancestor or constituting a family, clan, tribe, or race.

4. A relative or kinsman.

5. Someone or something of the same or similar kind:


Our KinMates become our family the minute they walk through the door of our class room. They are treated with the love, admiration, respect, chastisement, affirmation and benevolence that we extend to our biological family.  Many of our KinMates have broken relationships with family and friends which contribute to continuous criminal behavior. The love extended to them without knowing their convictions aid in establishing a bond that expands way beyond their reason for being incarcerated.  It amplifies that fact that we are all decedents from a common ancestor, GOD!

Looking for a KinMate (male or female) that is incarcerated?  Check the inmate locator below: - (STATE confinements) - (COUNTY confinements)

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