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Become a Transitional Coach/Mentor!

Transitional Coaches


The Role of the Transitional Coach

CHILL OUT assigns each KinMate participant a trained Transitional Coach (TC). Each KinMate is matched according to their goals, needs, background and interests. TC matches will be based on interests shared by both the TC and the KinMate. The TC serves as a consistent 'face', pen pal, spiritual guide and support partner.  TC's can maintain contact with their KinMate after the inmate completes the CHILL OUT Program as well as after they have been released from prison.

This partnership serves to encourage the KinMate to avoid the many negative relationships, activities and mindsets that initially caused their incarceration.  TC’s encourage mentees to adhere to the terms of their parole and engage in addiction counseling activities. If referrals for services are made, the TC will walk the inmate through the process of enrollment and implementation to completion. Transitional Coaches assist mentees in reaching their goals by being a constant support; this will help them to become positively integrated back into society.

Finally, CHILL OUT provides KinMates with tangible and applicable resources to assist them in pursuing and achieving their goals and becoming proud citizens.

Transitional Coaches are an integral part of a KinMate's transition and transformation to a new life in society when they are released from prison. The main responsibilities of a Transitional Coach are:

  • Attend two Transitional Coach Training Sessions

  • Commit to writing a KinMate a minimum 2 times per month during a 12-week cycle (6 letters)

  • Send your KinMate resources/vehicles of encouragement as much as possible

  • Attend KinMate Meeting - Week 6  (Usually a Friday from 9am to 12 noon)

  • Attend KinMate Graduation - Week 12  (3 to 4 hour commitment)

  • Assist KinMate in taking advantage of G.R.O.W. Out Program resources after being released from prison.

CHILL OUT Transitional Coach participation is structured with the working / professional in mind. We understand that everyone is not able to visit the prison as often as they or our KinMates would like, but we can 'remember' those that are in prison as Hebrews 13:3 instructs. We can accomplish this via our letters. We accomplish this via our cards.  We can with our resources. We, together, can make a difference.


For more information on becoming a Transitional Coach, attend our next Transitional Coach Orientation.

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Prepared Place Ministries' amazing volunteers and supporters are making this possible each and every day. Will you join us as we help prisoners find a new life path, care for families with incarcerated loved ones, and give former prisoners a second chance?

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